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Michl Britsch

Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster star for director Christian Alvart in this 2009 science fiction thriller about two men who awake from hypersleep aboard a spaceship with no memory of who they are or what they have been commissioned to do.

Taking a page from Jerry Goldsmith’s famous
Alien score as well as a few pages from German industrial metal groups like “Rammstein,” composer Michi Britsch here aims more to capture the inwardly fractured psyches of the film’s characters than the outwardly terrifying emptiness of their deep space environment. What begins with a series of experimental, almost avant-garde efforts at wringing recognizable rhythms from electronic distortion in tracks like "Anti Riot" eventually manifests a daring fusion of electronic and acoustic ("Tanis Probe Broadcast"), dissonance and harmony wrestling for supremacy in the inner space of the human mind.

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