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The Ninth Gate

Wojciech Kilar

Based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s novel “The Club Dumas,” this 1999 Roman Polanski thriller stars Johnny Depp as Dean Corso, a rare book dealer drawn into a supernatural web of intrigue after he is hired to authenticate a rare tome reported to possess occult powers.

Best known for his rousing, haunting, gothic score for Francis Coppola’s
Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Polish-born composer Wojciech Kilar taps a similar musical strain here with a richly-orchestrated accompaniment designed to convey the fateful, cosmological gravitas of Corso’s quest. Eerily ghoulish string arrangements, thick with quivering violin and rumbling bass, seem to continually herald an impending apocalypse just around the next corner. By the time horns, timpani and vocals join the cacophony, the apocalypse is truly nigh. Deliberate yet epic, The Ninth Gate boasts some of Kilar’s very best work for film.
The Ninth Gate

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