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Richard G. Mitchell

Merging the grit of classic pulp noir with the sophistication of the art world, director Tim Disney’s 2004 sophomore effort stars Scot Williams as an American art appraiser whose otherwise routine trip to Venice for a professional evaluation embroils him in a daring art theft and the massive forgery operation that might be behind it all.

Best known for scoring Mike Barker’s 2005
A Good Woman and the 1995 BBC television adaptation of Anne Brontë’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, award-winning English composer Richard G. Mitchell employs his trademark mixture of choir and orchestra in a score that dances delicately between contemporary and classical, folding in frequent instrumental flourishes meant to capture the spirit of traditional Venice. Tracks like “The Academia” and “Authentication” harken back to the early Bond scores of John Barry – elegance with a hint of danger while more conventionally percussive action/suspense motifs carry through such tracks as “Tedesci” and “Authentication 2 & Forgery.” In all, a bracingly vivid, musically colorful achievement.

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