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Brian Tyler

In this Mel Gibson-produced 2004 thriller directed by Paul Abascal, a movie star (Cole Hauser) plots an elaborate murder/frame-up as revenge for the paparazzi-instigated injury of his wife and child.

Delivering another of his trademark hard-driving, heavily percussive action scores, composer Bryan Tyler infuses
Paparazzi with both suspense and a jolt of adrenaline. Pulsating timpani wrestle with screaming strings over the menacing growl of electronic bass in such tracks as "Cat and Mouse," "The Break-In," "Garbage Fetish" and "Camera Chase." Between such surges, both the movie and Tyler’s score take time to exhale with a more introspective look at the disturbed mind of a man driven to the edge, an eerily braided use of subtle synthesizer and unsettling strings: "The Awakening," "Silent Anger," "The Telltale Pen" and "Blackmail".

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