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Copernicus' Star

Abel Korzeniowski

Arguably the most ambitious animated film ever produced in Poland, this soaring 2009 biography of the renowned 16th Century astronomer who dared challenge the accepted notion of the earth as the center of the universe owes as much to the pioneering work of Walt Disney in the West as to the equally pioneering work of ’50s era Russian animator Lev Atamanov in the East.

Though best known for his work on designer Tom Ford’s Oscar-nominated
A Single Man and his bold, revisionist 2004 score for Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent masterpiece Metropolis, it’s Abel Korzeniowski’s triumphant, rousing accompaniment to Copernicus’ Star – returning to his native Poland for the first time in six years – that many consider his masterpiece. Richly orchestrated and fluidly accented with strings, harp, and unapologeticaly classical choral arrangements, it’s a score that borrows heavily from the best work of Hollywood mainstays like John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith to create a broadly evocative soundscape of the Renaissance. From the swelling elation of "Apples" to the darkness of "Plague" to the medieval minstrel-influenced intonations of "Roman Carnival," this is Korzeniowski’s impassioned tribute to a time and place when humanity courageously forewent its dark past to embrace a bright, hopeful future.
Copernicus' Star

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