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The Syrian Bride

Cyril Morin

Israeli director Eran Rikilis’ acclaimed 2004 drama sheds light on the difficulties of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the allegorical prism of a Druze wedding in the Golan Heights.

Internationally renowned for his work as a composer, producer and musician, France’s Cyril Morin employs a variety of traditional Middle Eastern themes and instrumentation to lend
The Syrian Bride a broader, regional flavor. In keeping with the film’s dense emotional tone, the cues cover a wide range of harmonic flavors as well: celebratory (“To the Hairdresser”), mournful and melancholic (“Bride Theme”), Arabic pop ("Wedding Convoy") and ethereal (“Hattem’s Theme”). From traditional instrumental solos and ensembles to a cappella vocals and more conventional orchestral work, Morin’s arrangements feed into the film’s unpredictable thematic ebb and flow, the hypnotic, infectious rhythms of an unsettled people riven by religion, history and tradition.
The Syrian Bride

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