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Stir of Echoes

James Newton Howard

Kevin Bacon stars in director David Koepp’s adaptation of the acclaimed Richard Matheson novel about a man transformed by hypnosis and increasingly haunted by paranormal visions of a missing girl.

To both capture and augment the film’s supernatural chill factor, award-winning composer James Newton Howard relies on a wide variety of traditional ‘70s era horror film techniques popularized in movies as diverse as
The Exorcist, Halloween and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining – disharmonic and cacophonous ambient sound fused with atonal synthesizers and electronic percussion, intermittently and unexpectedly giving way to conventional orchestration in those rare moments when a return to sanity reassures both audience and characters. Like all good horror and suspense music, it’s designed to flow into the story’s cracks and crevices more than call attention to itself – representing not merely the sound of silence, but the fear, paranoia and anxiety that fills it.
Stir of Echoes

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