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Sleepwalk With Me

Andrew Hollander

Stand up comedian Mike Birbiglia’s 2012 Sundance Film Festival favorite is at once personal and whimsical, a blithely self-analytical, semi-autobiographical look at his dysfunctional life and relationship issues based on his successful off-Broadway one man show.

No stranger to navigating the subtle corridors between comedy and tragedy, Andrew Hollander (
Waitress, Serious Moonlight, Labor Pains) gives Birbiglia’s film a musical voice every bit as idiosyncratic and oddly charming as Birbiglia himself. Folksy without being nostalgic or abrasively sentimental, Hollander’s tuneful assemblage of guitar and drum arrangements integrate a fairly wide variety of country-western and folk motifs, as if intentionally paying homage to, but stopping just shy of parroting, the great Woody Guthrie. Hollander’s most memorable moments, however, accompany Birbiglia’s numerous sleepwalk dream sequences – “Olympic Dream,” “Missile Dream,” “Jackal Dream” and “Gun Hallway Dream” – mischievous moments designed to musically and narratively parody a variety of popular movie genres.
Sleepwalk With Me

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