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Wrong Turn

Elia Cmiral

In director Rob Schmidt’s 2003 horror hit – the first in the popular 20th Century Fox franchise – six unsuspecting visitors find themselves hunted in the hills of West Virginia by a cannibalistic clan of mountain people.

Clearly cognizant of working with archetypal genre elements, Czech born composer Elia Cmiral (
Apartment Zero, Stigmata) keeps things firmly in the slasher film wheelhouse, establishing the setting with a genteel backwoods hummer in "Adventure Begins" and segueing immediately into such hair-raising, nerve-rattling horror tracks as "Bear Trap", "Fire in Watchtower", 'Killing Mountain Men," and "Scott Becomes Prey". High pitched strings amp the suspense while heavy percussion and dissonant horns herald the arrival of violence, blood and thunder.
Wrong Turn

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