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Die weisse Massai

Niki Reiser

Based on the autobiographical novel by Swiss writer Corinne Hofmann, comes director and co-writer Hermine Huntgeburth's tale of a young Swiss woman on holiday in Kenya who falls in love with a Masai warrior and becomes his wife, only to face hardship and alienation as she tries to adapt to the realities of a foreign culture.

Award-winning Swiss composer Niki Reiser's delicate score plays out in muted tones. This is Africa as seen from the backseat of a car -- the road trip view, rather than the sweeping grandeur of the wide-open savannas. Punctuated by native voices, the arrangements are carefully constructed to reveal the mystery of a world opening up to foreign eyes, never exploding, but slowly simmering with the slow struggle of adaptation.
Die weisse Massai
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