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My Run

Steve Horner

Director/producer Tim VandeSteeg’s touching 2009 documentary centers on widower/marathoner/single dad Terry Hitchcock’s astonishing goal of running seventy-five marathons in seventy-five days to raise awareness of the struggles faced by single-parent families.

Faced with the delicate emotional balancing act of reinforcing the film’s honest emotions without subjecting Hitchcock’s remarkable real-life struggles to artificially sentimental embellishment, composer Steve Horner taps a broad range of orchestral approaches from the rich, ebullient Copland-inspired orchestration of
Anticipation to the eclectic minimalism of the Thomas Newman-like Holding On, the gentle piano- and guitar-accented Grateful to the soaring Bill Conti-esque Triumph – a diverse and inspiring musical journey to accompany Hitchcock’s equally inspiring real-life journey.
My Run

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