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Welcome to the Punch

Harry Escott

Once considered one of the best unproduced scripts in the UK, “Shifty” writer/director Eran Creevy’s sophomore effort stars Mark Strong as a wanted criminal whose unexpected return to London to help his son puts him back on a collision course with the determined detective (James McAvoy) he previously eluded.

From the slow and steady electronic crescendo of the film’s “Titles” track, the ominous and epic trajectory of Creevy’s film is assured – all part and parcel of “Hardy Candy” and “Shame” composer Harry Escott’s bag of heart-stopping genre tricks. Percussive, pulsating and unrelentingly driven tracks like “St. Botloph’s,” “Burning Hella” and “Gunfire at the Greigo Mar” move the film along like a high-speed train, setting a dramatic stage for the inevitable collision of wills. By contrast, eerily industrial mood tracks like “Off into the Sunset,” “Morgue” and “Punch” almost fade into the sound design, thoughtful interludes that allow the story the chance to inhale before Creevy springs his next unexpected twist or eruption of violence.
Welcome to the Punch
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