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Alexandre Desplat

Ben Affleck stars in and directs the popular 2012 Best Picture Oscar-winner, based on actual events surrounding a CIA-engineered plan to fake a Canadian film production as a vehicle for rescuing six Americans from Tehran during the 1980 hostage crisis.
In a noteworthy change of pace, prolific French composer Alexandre Desplat integrates traditional Persian motifs into an engrossing orchestral manifestation of high stakes geopolitical gamesmanship. Exotic and ominous, it’s easily Desplat’s most overtly suspenseful effort, with the title track “Argo” evoking the broad sense of global danger historically associated with the spy film genre. That motif continues in “A Spy in Tehran” and “Scent of Death,” the latter elevated by haunting choral work before a shift to soaring strings and horns in “The Mission” strikes a more traditional tone, setting the stage for impending conflict with a coda just vaguely tinged with the previous Persian motifs. Other tracks employ variations on the preceding themes, a slow and steady build designed to generate and maintain tension leading into the film’s high-octane finale: “The Business Card,” “Tony Grills the Six,” “Drive to the Airport” chief among them.
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