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Dom Hemingway

Rolfe Kent

American writer/director Richard Shepard’s (The Matador) 2013 British crime film stars Jude Law in the title role of a safecracker ex-con who finds himself unable to escape the life he left behind even as he endeavors to reconnect with the life he never knew by tracking down his long-lost daughter (Emilia Clarke). Richard E. Grant and Demián Bichir co-star.

No stranger to Richard Shepard’s darkly tragi-comic sensibilities from their successful collaboration on
The Matador, veteran British composer Rolfe Kent (Sideways, Legally Blonde, Thank You for Smoking) takes a similar approach with Dom Hemingway, deploying a funky, jazzy throwback score both suitably modern to the film’s present-day setting, yet just retro enough to connect it with such classic genre forebears as Get Carter. Fans of David Holmes’ music for Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s films will warm to the rhythmic fusion jams of tracks like “The Train to Fontaine” and “Dom Bludgeons the Safe” while the softer, ambient strains of “Dom Saves Melody” and “Love is What You Make” aim more squarely for the heartstrings.
Dom Hemingway

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