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Marcello De Francisci

Vietnamese-American writer/director Minh Duc Nguyen’s award-winning debut film stars John Ruby and Porter Lynn in the story of a mechanic and a Vietnamese-American manicurist who develop an unexpected friendship in present-day Los Angeles.

An award-winning veteran of television, film and video games, Marcello De Francisci (
Samsara, The Curse of Styria) takes a counter-intuitive approach to Minh Duc Nguyen’s gentle cross-cultural urban romance – consciously avoiding the pitfalls of culturally-grounded musical clichés in favor of a musical signature unique to the personalities of its characters and their surroundings. A folksy and delicate acoustic guitar-driven score with occasional Latin accents, De Francisci’s music speaks to the uniqueness of the characters as well as the cultural diversity of the city they inhabit. “Ibiza Nights,” “I Still Think About You,” “Afternoon Bolero” and “Young & Wild” define the spectrum of the score’s emotional ambitions while more conventionally orchestrated cues – “Strings for an Afternoon” and “A Walk by the Piazza” – lend the otherwise intimate tale a well-earned sense of expanse and scale.

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