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Paul Leonard-Morgan

In this 2012 film adaptation of the long-running 2000 A.D. comic Judge Dredd – originally filmed in 1995 with Sylvester Stallone in the title role – a dystopian post-apocalyptic metropolis must rely upon the eponymous enforcer (Karl Urban) to single-handedly eradicate a deadly drug-dealing gang and bring to justice the woman who controls them.

BAFTA-winning Scottish composer Paul Leonard-Morgan, who garnered stateside attention with his music for the Bradley Cooper thriller
Limitless, infects Dredd with a hard-driving, adrenaline-injected electronic pulse, an underscore equal parts post-punk electronic rock and ‘80s/’90s style industrial metal. The result falls somewhere between a decaying, futuristic rave and revisionist Rammstein, tracks like "Cornered and Undefined Space" troweling on the tension and suspense which heavier tracks like "The Plan," "Order in the Chaos" and the guitar-driven "Taking Over Peach Trees" pay off with unrelenting fury.

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