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Kristian Eidnes Andersen

Based on the popular Danish sitcom of the same name, this monstrously successful 2010 feature comedy stars Frank Hvam as Frank, a man so determined to prove his fatherhood mettle to his pregnant girlfriend, that he kidnaps her 12-year-old nephew and drags him on a series of hilariously debauched weekend misadventures.

Renowned as much for his skills as a sound designer and editor as a composer, Kristian Eidnes Andersen – best known outside Denmark for Lars von Trier’s
Antichrist – strikes just the right balance for Klown’s peculiar yet ultimately endearing mix of extreme humor and earnest sweetness. Buoyant and sunny, the score veers wildly through a diverse assortment of styles and arrangements every bit as eccentric and unpredictable as the narrative turns in the film itself. The gentle, bucolic string-and-drum theme “Bryllup” giving way to the Bluegrass picking of “Kanojagt,” the Gypsy tango “Flugt fra Hospitalet” and the rock-inflected folk arrangement of “Underberg” – a madcap musical rush through a crazy, but ultimately invigorating and edifying weekend of self-realization.

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