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An Invisible Sign

Andrew Hollander

Jessica Alba stars for director Marilyn Agrelo as Mona Gray, a mathematically-gifted but withdrawn young woman who is forced to face her lingering childhood scars when she lands a job as an elementary schoolteacher and attracts the romantic attention of a fellow teacher played by Chris Messina.

Juggling a potpourri of difficult themes related to the rigors of childhood and the pains of adulthood, New Jersey native Andrew Hollander – best known for such refreshingly breezy romantic comedy scores as
Serious Moonlight and Waitress – builds a series of infectiously eccentric themes via intimate arrangements to convey the sheltered sweetness of Mona’s brilliant but fragile mental state. As with most of Hollander’s scores, there’s a strong pop undercurrent with a vague echo of Randy Newman – electric bass, piano and drums receiving the greatest emphasis. The warm enfold of memory and the uneasy and unexpected intrusion of romance resonate in such tracks as “I Had Math in this Room,” “The Class,” “When I First Saw You” and “Mona and Her Dad.” One of Hollander’s most fully realized, thoroughly endearing efforts.
An Invisible Sign

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