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Im Winter ein Jahr

Niki Reiser

German director Caroline Link’s 2008 follow-up to her Oscar-winning 2001 “Nowhere in Africa,” based on the Scott Campbell novel, centers on the relationship between a grief-stricken mother and the painter she commissions to help the family cope with tragedy.

A previous collaborator of Link’s on
Nowhere in Africa, veteran Swiss composer Niki Reiser here elevates the film’s deeply internalized emotional landscape in a gentle but impassioned score comprised primarily of classical guitar supported by voice ("Im Winter Ein Jahr" and "Lilli’s Melodie"), piano ("Das Bild" and "Die Schöne Gleichgültigkeit") and strings ("Tanz Im Schnee"). Like the characters, it’s a guitar that persists, ebbs and flows, sometimes retreats, but never fades.
Im Winter ein Jahr

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