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Meet Monica Velour

Andrew Hollander

A throwback to ‘80s era teen fantasy fulfillment comedies like My Tutor, this 2010 writing/directing debut from Keith Bearden stars Kim Cattrall as a has-been ‘80s era porn star who forms an unlikely, unusual friendship with an awkward teenager (Dustin Ingram) who still fawningly sees her as the icon she once was.

Injecting an ample dose of sweet, nostalgic innocence in place of what could have been offputtingly prurient material, ace romantic comedy expert Andrew Hollander (
Waitress, Sleepwalk With Me) rides an array of warmly peppy folk music arrangements to generate not only empathy for the film’s characters, but to buffet audiences from being overly put off by the story’s darker edges. The genteel nature of “Tobe Washes Truck,” the charming eccentricity of “Finding Monica,” the lazy folksiness of “Monica at School” all speak to a unified musical charm offensive – piano, guitar, drums, strings – as soothing as an old west saloon band.
Meet Monica Velour

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