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Brian Reitzell, Dave Palmer, Roger Neill

Writer/director Mike Mills’ (Thumbsucker) semi-autobiographical 2010 account of a son struggling with his father’s deathbed coming out was both a critical and commercial success, culminating with a dark horse Academy Award victory for co-star Christopher Plummer as the father.
Previously best known as the drummer for ‘80s era alternative rock band Redd Kross, Brian Reitzell segued into scoring on the films of Sofia Coppola and her brother, Roman, with acclaimed work on such pictures as
The Virgin Suicides, CQ and the Oscar-winning Lost in Translation. His work on Beginners – as one of three credited composers – employs a similar approach in tracks like “Fireworks” and “A Memory 1955-2003” – lulling, almost hypnotic synth sequences and dreamlike arpeggios – veering into more acoustic explorations of traditional music genres in “Beginners Blues,” “Moon Waltz,” the minimalistic piano-driven main theme and the hauntingly carnivalesque “Graffiti.”
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