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Alexandre Desplat

Director Jonathan Glazer’s mysterious and moody 2004 drama, co-scripted by legendary French screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, stars Nicole Kidman as a widow who finds herself increasingly persuaded by a young boy’s (Cameron Bright) insistence that he is actually her deceased husband.
Though it would be another three years before Alexandre Desplat received the first of his numerous Oscar nominations,
Birth continues to be widely revered as one of his very best efforts. An emotionally complex film, equal parts thriller, drama, mystery and existential allegory, Birth relies heavily on its score to cue audience emotions and expectations, a challenge that Desplat meets with rich and effusive orchestration that creatively employs horns, strings, woodwinds, piano and percussion to build a serenely mystical environment within which the incredible becomes resolutely believable. Where the lilting piano prelude “The Engagement” plays to softer sensibilities, lushly romantic string tracks like “The Kiss,” “Day Out” and “Elegy” help further foster a melodramatic otherworldliness within which the film’s difficult emotions are allowed to incubate and evolve.

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