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Brian Tyler

In and around a remote Oklahoma motel, a hallucinatory bug infestation sets in motion a series of events that push four individuals (Ashley Judd, Lynn Collins, Harry Connick, Jr. and Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon) to the brink of madness. Directed by The French Connection and The Exorcist director William Friedkin.

Best known for his moody, pulsating, intensely driven action and genre scores, Bryan Tyler’s work for
Bug manages to be simultaneously primal and industrial, mixing electronic and acoustic instrumentation with ambient sound to create a chilling musical reproduction of disintegrating sanities. It’s a primarily incidental construction with carefully wrought musical extremes – the heavy metal riffs of "Millions" versus the eerily somber classical intonations of "Nocturne for Lloyd" – underlining the emotional extremes to which the film’s increasingly unstable characters will be subjected.

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