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Raise The Titanic

John Barry

Director Jerry Jameson’s rousing 1980 followup to Airport ‘77 brings to life Clive Cussler’s popular novel about a team of Americans racing to beat the Soviet Union to a cache of rare mineral aboard the famous sunken ship. Jason Robards, Anne Archer, Sir Alec Guinness and Richard Jordan topline the all-star cast.

Though not typically ranked among the great John Barry’s most memorable scores,
Raise the Titanic features some of the late five-time Oscar winner’s most elevated work, beginning with a sweeping, soaring “Prelude” that immediately dovetails into the edgier, more dangerous strains of “Main Title/The Mine Shaft.” Ample shades of Barry’s previous work on the James Bond films in particular are evident throughout, owing to the common Cold War elements between them, though Raise the Titanic also gives Barry a chance to inject richer horn orchestrations than usual, bolstering the score’s nautical credentials in such tracks as “The Sicilian Defense/Southby/The Mountain Comes to Us” and “Rescue Attempt/Blowing the Tanks.” Elsewhere, however, it’s vintage Barry – elaborate strings, fluidly and seamlessly orchestrated with the “Memories of the Titanic” theme (also featured in “To Cornwall/All That’s Left (Memories of the Titanic)) evoking the more romantic Barry of Somewhere in Time and Out of Africa fame with its lilting piano and soothing violins. A memorable, towering achievement.
Raise The Titanic

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