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Eye of the Hurricane

David Robbins

Director Jesse Wolfe’s popular 2012 debut feature stars Melanie Lynskey, Colin Ford, Campbell Scott and Brian Doyle-Murray in the story of a community of Floridians whose lives are upended by the fury of a hurricane.

Far from the posh resorts and touristic vistas of Miami and Orlando, the Florida Everglades possess their own kind of bayou cadence, magnificently captured here in David Robbins’ thoughtful, bluesy and melancholic score. Acoustic guitar and percussion evoke a longsuffering people’s resilience in
After the Hurricane while mystical woodwinds call out their deeper spiritual strength in “Bill’s Death.” Electric and acoustic guitar merge sweetly in the more gentle, humanistic “Emilia and Bill” while “Homer Returns” echoes the soothing strains of home. Elsewhere, in tracks like “A Feather” and “Homer Stranded” it’s piano doing the heavy emotional lifting – in total, a collection of short albeit exceedingly effective cues that capture the spiritual past, present and future of an enduring way of life.
Eye of the Hurricane

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