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Rachel Portman

Joanne Harris’ popular 1999 novel becomes an even more celebrated movie just one year later in this Lasse Hallström-directed confection starring Juliette Binoche as Vianne, a single mother who opens a small Chocolaterie in a quaint, conservative French village fully unprepared for the disinhibiting power of her affectionate confections. Co-starring Judi Dench, Alfred Molina, Lena Olin and Johnny Depp as the dashing Gypsy who captures Vianne’s heart much as her chocolates have unbridled the village folk.

The beguiling, magical and mysterious charms of 19th century provincial France furnish Oscar-winning composer Rachel Portman
(Emma, The Cider House Rules, The Joy Luck Club) just the right inspiration for a score that manages to highlight and underline a wide array of eclectic and colorful characters, their individual peccadilloes and long-gestating romantic yearnings. Whether trafficking in unapologetic romanticism (“Opening Theme,” “Three Women,” “Ashes to the Wind),” danger (“Viane Confronts Comte,” “Vianne Gazes at the River”), mystery (“Story of Grand-mere,” “Other Possibilities,” “Chocolate Sauce”) or reveling in the infectious rhythms of traditional Gypsy music (“Vianne Sets Up Shop,” “Party Preparations”), Portman’s elegant orchestrations provide Chocolat a most delectable palette of flavors.

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