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Serious Moonlight

Andrew Hollander

Actress Cheryl Hines’ 2009 directing debut – adapted posthumously from a screenplay by her Waitress director Adrienne Shelley – stars Meg Ryan as a suburban attorney who takes out her frustrations on her adulterous husband (Timothy Hutton) by strapping him to the toilet with duct tape just as their home is besieged by burglars.

In bringing back Shelley’s musical voice for 2007’s
Waitress – composer Andrew Hollander – to once again give her words the same posthumous resonance he did for her final film, Hines creates a kind of spiritual continuity between the two pictures, despite the dissimilarity in subject matter. Smartly understanding the film’s delicate balance between light and dark, cynical and hopeful, Hollander’s score injects an otherwise bitter scenario with levity and even, at times, frivolity. The playful jazz trio “Rose Petals,” the easy swing band groove of “Lucky Stars” and the tango tempo of “Knocked Out” (which becomes a recurring motif throughout) all encourage the audience to always look on the bright side, even when things appear their darkest.
Serious Moonlight

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