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The Howling Reborn

Klaus Badelt, Christopher Carmichael, Mark Anthony Yaeger

Thirty years after director Joe Dante’s landmark 1981 werewolf film – adapted from the 1977 Gary Brandner novel – and more than fifteen years after the last of its six sequels, writer/director Joe Nimziki resurrected the franchise with Landon Liboiron as a high school student who discovers that the mother he thought deceased (Ivana Milicevic) is actually still alive… and a werewolf.

In keeping with the approach paved by Pino Donaggio for the original
The Howling, composers Christopher Carmichael and Mark Anthony Yaeger – associates of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” composer Klaus Badelt – infuse a collection of traditional horror and suspense motifs with unabashedly operatic excess, achieving an eclectic mix of cues that feels alternately claustrophobically horrific and broadly romantic. This takes the form of classic suspense scoring in more classically orchestrated arrangements as “You’re the Alpha” and “Elevator” before shifting into the pulsating, heavily-percussive action-suspense beats of “Building an Army,” “Building a Weapon” and “Basement Attack.” Eerie mood cues fill in the occasional moment of reflection and reboot with such tracks as “Library Seduction” and “The Werewolf Test.
The Howling Reborn

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