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Kate and Leopold

Rolfe Kent

In 2001, director James Mangold (Walk the Line, The Wolverine) followed up his Oscar-winning Girl, Interrupted with this infectious romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan as an unlucky-in-love New York career woman unexpectedly wooed by a 19th Century duke (Hugh Jackman) transported to the present day through a time portal.

Given a premise already requiring considerable suspension of disbelief, British-born composer Rolfe Kent – best known for such Alexander Payne collaborations as
Sideways, Election and About Schmidt – smartly follows the path of least resistance, fully embracing the film’s sweetly absurdist, unabashedly sentimental yearnings. Airy and unostentatious, with interjections of both modern jazz (“Let’s Go!”), broad homages to the Errol Flynn swashbucklers of the ‘30s and ‘40s (“Galloping”) and string-laden romantic serenades (“Kate Sees the Pictures”), Kent’s score is first and foremost a paean to wish fulfillment and the power of love. Jula Bell wraps things out with the song, “Back Where I Belong.”

Kate and Leopold

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