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Ninja Cheerleaders

Brian Adler

In this 2008 high-camp grindhouse throwback, a trio of lethally-trained college cheerleaders set out to rescue their sensei (George Takei) from a mafia kidnapper (Michael Paré).

Straddling exploitation film motifs both old and new, Brian Adler and Christopher Goins saddle
Ninja Cheerleaders with a pulsating, raucous synth score that borrows from present-day action spectaculars as well as ‘70s era Blaxploitation and Kung Fu funk. It’s Brad Fiedel meets Lalo Schifrin, with at least one added incidental nod to Sergio Leone and several understated winks at ‘80s era rock and techno – further underlining the film’s relentlessly tongue-in-cheek pedigree.
Ninja Cheerleaders

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