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Employee Of The Month

John Swihart

In this 2006 romantic comedy from director Greg Coolidge, big box retail employees Dane Cook and Dax Shepard compete for the coveted monthly honor… and the heart of new employee Jessica Simpson.

Few composers have quite mastered the art of rock ‘n’ roll slacker cool like John Swihart. Since riding the
Napoleon Dynamite train to success in 2004, Swihart’s work has canvassed both movies and television, most notably the hit series "How I Met Your Mother” and such films as Youth in Revolt and Employee of the Month. His music for the latter is archetypal comedy fare: bouncy and playful, often downright mischievous and even naughty. Like the film’s characters, Swihart’s music seems always to have another trick up its sleeve, just one more surprise lurking around the corner, yet never so premeditatedly that it loses that earnest, innocent sense of pursuit. Aptly titled incidental tracks like "Piece of Shit Honda" and "The Bribe" along with the mambo-inflected "Rooftop Golf" and the campily overwrought orchestration of "Vagina Monologue" makes for an aptly broad musical overlay on a film that makes no apologies for the breadth of its comedic ambitions.
Employee Of The Month

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