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Les Gardiens de Rapa Nui

Cyril Morin

Easter Island’s population comprises almost as many animals as humans, and this 2008 television documentary by Aleksandar Dzerdz focuses on the equestrian “guardians of Rapa Nui.”

Cyril Morin’s score sways with the sounds of the island, with low male chanting (“Moto Nui,” “A Tanga,” “Orongo”), celebratory chorus (“Terekava”), didgeridoo (“Tahai”), a quirky marimba motif (“Poike”), and joyful ukulele and other high-plucked playing (“Anakena,” “Poike”). Though there are moments of danger (“Vaihu”) and mystery—as well as the lovely, elegiac “Mahutau”—the music for
Rapa Nui is alive with a playful and spirited energy, coated in lush, tropical orchestration befitting the locale.
Les Gardiens de Rapa Nui

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