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Mark Isham

Gavin O’Connor’s acclaimed drama stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as estranged brothers on a mixed-martial arts tournament collision course and Nick Nolte in an Oscar-nominated performance as their formerly abusive, now penitent father.

Typically known more for evoking a sense of gentle humanism than the kind of musky muscularity of a film like
Warrior, legendary composer Mark Isham nonetheless rises to the occasion here, delivering one of the most ambitious and far-reaching efforts of his career, capturing the broad range of emotions that run through the film’s varied and complex family relationships. Tracks like "Paddy & Tommy" and "I Can’t Watch You Fight" revel in the atonal loneliness evocative of the loneliness plaguing the film’s characters while tracks like "Sparta – Night One" and the titular “Warrior” swell passionately with gladiatorial fervor.

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