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Charlie Clouser

Director Marcus Dunston’s 2012 followup to his 2009 cult horror hit The Collector follows an escapee from the eponymous serial killer’s labyrinthine torture palace as he returns with a group of armed vigilantes to rescue a wealthy businessman’s daughter.

Already a veteran of the genre with all seven
Saw films to his credit – the last four of which were written or co-written by Dunston – former Nine Inch Nails member Charlie Clouser once again brings his bone-chilling industrial-electronic signature to already grim fare, injecting prodigious doses of tension, suspense, menace and terror into an assemblage of cues designed to blend with the film’s monstrous ambiance. Whether the droning of a synthesizer, the hum and shriek of a power tool, the percussive crash of a booby trap or the discordant crush of asynchronous chords colliding in a burst of electronic madness, it’s never quite clear where the film’s sound design leaves off and Clouser’s score begins – precisely the kind of auditory uncertainty necessary to punctuate the film’s most effective moments.
The Collection

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