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My Bloody Valentine

Michael Wandmacher

Following roughly the same general story as the original 1981 Canadian cult horror hit, albeit with a loftier budget and 3D, this 2009 remake centers on a mining town plagued by a Valentine’s Day murder spree seemingly connected to a previous murder rampage on the same day eleven years earlier when a mine cave-in drove one of the trapped miners to madness.

Minnesota native Michael Wandmacher’s varied resume includes scores for television, video games and movies, spanning animation and live action, horror and comedy and everything in-between. No surprise, then, that his score for
My Bloody Valentine 3D would represent something of a fusion – Wagnerian orchestral arrangements married with ‘70s era John Carpenter-style horror synth. More often than not, it’s an unstable, unpredictable marriage as seen in tracks like "Left for Dead," "Be Mine 4Ever" and "An Axe to Grind," a mad mixture of divergent tempo, tone and instrumentation that sustains the film’s binding sense of terror while paying fond homage to its genre’s past, present and future.
My Bloody Valentine

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