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Monster's Ball

Asche & Spencer, Chris Beaty

Halle Berry’s historic Oscar-winning performance anchors this 2001 Marc Forster-directed drama about an unlikely romance that evolves between the black wife of a Death Row inmate (Berry) and a white prison guard (Billy Bob Thornton).
In a film where thoughts speak louder than words, it’s the score by composing collaborative Asche & Spencer, in their debut scoring effort, that gives shape and resonance to those thoughts.

Haunting and evocative, the heavily-produced, largely electronic score relies on multiple layers of atonal sonorities and audio effects to underline the confused, conflicted and painfully lonely lives of the film’s subjects. More moody than melodic, each of the cues seems strangled by unspoken doubts, fears and anxieties, reverberating with lost hopes, broken dreams and the faintest glimmer of redemption.
Monster's Ball

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