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C'é chi dice no

Aldo De Scalzi, Pivio

In this popular 2011 workplace comedy from Italian director Giambattista Avellino, three individuals fed up with being passed over for promotions decide to band together and fight back.

Renowned Italian composers/music producers Aldo di Scalzi and Pivio (
Steam: The Turkish Bath) unload the full musical arsenal for Avellino’s very timely film, helping vent the frustration of all who might relate to the plight of the film’s character via a free-flowing mixture of global musical styles – soft contemporary, rock, ska, reggae, europop, soft jazz, ‘80s era techno-industrial and even a dash of Bollywood pop all fold harmoniously together in a meta-mashup that’s always lively and alert, and never less than surprising.
C'é chi dice no

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