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Prince Valiant

David Bergeaud

Adapted from the same cult 1937 Hal Foster comic strip as the previous 1954 film, this 1997 Prince Valiant stars Stephen Moyer as the famed Arthurian squire who, while masquerading as a knight, must both protect the Welsh princess Ilene (Katherine Heigl) while foiling the Sorceress Morgana’s plans to steal the legendary sword, Excalibur.

Taking its cues from such hallmarks of 1980s fantasy and adventure cinema as
The Dark Crystal, Legend, and Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, French-born composer David Bergeaud’s sweepingly romantic score leaves little to the imagination – strings swoon with romantic yearning while horns proclaim the nearness of uncertain perils. With the lone exception of the Gaelic folk track "Tavern", it’s a work that manages to honor the story’s pulp origins while boldly refashioning it for cinematically effusive new era.
Prince Valiant

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