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Stephen Warbeck

Gwynneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anthony Hopkins star for Shakespeare in Love director John Madden in this Rebecca Miller-scripted adaptation of David Auburn’s 2000 Pulitzer Prize-winning play in which a deceased mathematician’s daughter and former student endeavor to unlock the mysteries of his unfinished work.

An Oscar-winner for his previous collaboration with Madden on
Shakespeare in Love, British composer Stephen Warbeck (Billy Elliot, Her Majesty Mrs. Brown) delivers a markedly different work here – subdued, contemporary and minimalist. The delicacy of human relationships, the fragility of sanity and the tragedy of unfulfilled genius are gently underlined throughout in such memorable, expertly orchestrated tracks as “Writing the Kiss,” “The Airport,” “Testing the Proof” and the title track “Proof,” the latter two built around a simple but penetrating arpeggio. Equally memorable is the powerfully soulful solo piano track “You Imagined You Wrote It.”


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