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After The Wedding

Johan Söderqvist

Susanne Bier’s Oscar-nominated 2006 drama stars Mads Mikkelsen as an Indian orphanage manager who returns to Denmark to seek added funding only to run headlong into the ghosts of his past.

A searing emotional roller-coaster that accelerates to unforeseen new crescendos at every turn, Bier’s film relies heavily on the contributions of longtime collaborator Johan Söderqvist (
Brothers, Kon-Tiki, Let the Right One In) to bring harmony to what is both a literal and a figurative journey. Orchestral strings swell and ebb like laboriously induced breaths while rhythmically integrated ambient sounds nip like an impending coronary, never leaving the audience a moment’s respite. For both Mikkelsen’s character and the audience, relief arrives only through the color and flourish of India, thanks to spry Bollywood-influenced tracks like “Jacob & Helena,” “The Journey”, “India” and the title track “After the Wedding.”
After The Wedding

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