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Puncture Wounds

Brian Jackson Harris, Justin Raines, Michael Wickstrom

MMA star Cung Le stars as an Iraq War veteran struggling with PTSD who runs afoul of a local Aryan Brotherhood gang running a prostitution ring in this latest hard-hitting action film from Belgian-born director Georgio Serafini. Vinnie Jones and Dolph Lundgren co-star.
Following their successful teaming on the score for Serafini’s 2013
Ambushed (also starring Lundgren and Jones), Brian Jackson Harris, Justin Raines and Michael Wickstrom reunited with Serafini for another action roller-coaster, delivering a hard-hitting, industrial rock-fueled score to further drive up the ante. Tracks like the percussive “Warpath,” with its eerie use of Peruvian pipes, and “Ready for Battle,” with its blaring electric guitar riffs, underline the extremes of the film’s musical underscore. Elsewhere, mood synth fills in the incidental blanks on suspense tracks like “On the Trail,” “Burn Them” and “New Beginnings.”
Puncture Wounds

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