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Effi Briest

Johan Söderqvist

Theodor Fontane’s classic 1894 novel about the tumultuous life of a 17-year-old aristocrat’s daughter after she is married to a Baron twice her age receives its fifth screen adaptation in this lush 2009 Hermine Huntgeburth-directed German-language production.

Best known for his haunting
Let the Right One In score as well as his collaborations with Oscar-winning Danish director Susanne Bier, Swedish composer Johan Söderqvist here pays opulent homage to the 19th century romantic origins of Fontane’s novel with a sweeping, melodramatic underscore designed to externalize the tempestuous emotions of a young woman thrust into a life she would never have chosen for herself. Soaring strings and impassioned crescendos ebb and flow like tides of fate carrying Effi to her destiny.
Effi Briest

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