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Escape From Tomorrow

Abel Korzeniowski

Writer/director Randy Moore’s controversial, kinetically experimental black-and-white debut film emerged as one of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival’s most talked-about hits, a hallucinatory look at one man’s impending madness in the unlikeliest of locales.

A deeply impressionistic yet sweepingly romantic musical snapshot of the pulse and passion of the Magic Kingdom, this collection of unapologetically old-fashioned cues from Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski – best known for his award-winning original score for
A Single Man (2009) as well as a new 2004 score for Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent classic Metropolis – harks back to the style of such Golden Era Hollywood composers as Hugo Friedhofer and Fred Steiner, as well as later keepers of the flame like Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams. Wringing buckets of melodramatic inflection from his energetic orchestrations in tracks like “Gates of Tomorrow” and “Magic Kingdom,” Korzeniowski plunges the audiences into a swirling vortex of irony, setting them up for the psychological disconnect to ensue – brilliantly captured in the unexpectedly dissonant and minimalistic electronic tracks “Lost in Caves” and “Creepy Guy on a Scooter.”
Escape From Tomorrow

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