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The Man Without A Face

James Horner

Mel Gibson’s acclaimed 1993 directing debut, adapted from the Isabelle Holland novel, stars Gibson as a disfigured recluse and Nick Stahl as the young man who seeks him out for tutelage, forging a bittersweet relationship between the two that both heals old wounds even as it risks fissuring new ones.

Oscar-winning composer James Horner, who would go on to work with Gibson again on the Best Picture-winning
Braveheart two years later, here furnishes one of his most effusive efforts, a small film of big emotions and guarded secrets. Piano, string and orchestra establish the film’s delicate dramatic balance in A Father’s Legacy, crescendos swelling and ebbing like so many shattered dreams. Hope, however, persists – a theme that Horner further develops in such tracks as "Flying," "Nightmares" and "Revelations," "Lost Books" and "The Tutor" – as strings and piano fight to find the perfect harmonic convergence, unafraid of what’s come before, eager to embrace what is yet to come.
The Man Without A Face

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