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Resident Evil

Marco Beltrami

Based on the popular Japanese action-horror video game that spawned a media empire, this 2002 Paul W.S. Anderson-directed feature film – which has itself spawned numerous sequels – stars Milla Jovovich as Alice, an amnesiac heroine who must fight her way out of a remote research facility where a virus is running rampant.

Best known for his scores for such Wes Craven films as the
Scream franchise, Marco Beltrami has been a key force in helping redefine action and horror music since the 1990s. His music here employs many of the same techniques – a rhythmic, contemporary fusing of electronic and acoustic that vacillates between pulsating rock-industrial tracks like "Alice Kicks Ass" and "Special Squad Enters the Mansion," and eerie, heavily-produced sound-effect and mood tracks like "Lisa Recall " and "Spence the Saboteur. "It’s a score that manages to be evocative of the film’s video game source material while maintaining an appropriately cinematic sense of grandeur.
Resident Evil

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