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Riccardo Eberspacher

Mocking the hypocrisy of contemporary politics, this Italian comedy finds a politician cheating on his wife while sponsoring a bill in "defense of family" at the behest of leaders in the Catholic Church. When news of the scandal appears in the tabloids, he tries to frame his married chauffeur as the real philanderer.

Full of playful sophistication, Riccardo Eberspacher's score is easy, charming, and continually upbeat, recalling the smooth stylings of Mancini's work on
Peter Gunn, with a jaunty Riviera twist. The main theme repeats frequently in a number of playful arrangements: comic, for trumpet and strings; elegant, as might be played by a night club's house orchestra; melancholy, for strings; and even a guitar take. Whether played by small combo or orchestra, the piece is irrepressible fun.


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